Note: We are currently looking for self-motivated students for Intern/Master/PhD program and also post-doctorate researchers. (2019.10.14, contact to kangil kim via e-mail.)
Now, this lab belongs to GIST AI graduate school mainly focusing on M.S.&Ph.D integrated programs. You can quit this program in the middle of the program and get your Master degree. Please be careful whether you are applying to GIST AI graduate school.

Our current research goal

How to build a single accumulative intelligence for more general and wider problems?

Previous research

Main Interest: Analysis of various intelligence model representations, optimization, search, model complexity, regularization, probabilistic and geometric behavior

Fundamental Research: estimation of distribution algorithm, genetic programming, probabilistic formal grammar model, ant colony optimization, neural networks, recurrent neural networks, feedforward neural network, memory-based neural networks, knowledge representation/embedding/injection/accumulation

Practical Research: Machine Translation, Syntax Analysis, Question Answering, Knowledge Representation, Time Series Forecasting in Environmental problems, 3D-printing image classification